Cloud Strategy Consulting

Is the cloud in you future?

Cloud Strategy Consulting

The Cloud is not the future. It is already here, and more businesses and organizations are finding that the sooner they adopt cloud technology, the better positioned they will be to compete. Gartner says the cloud will grow by 18% this year alone.

Migrating to the cloud alone is a daunting task. No two migrations are the same. However, we have found a series of common factors, that taken as a whole, help form a template that is critical to a successful transformation. The mid-market and small business sectors generally don’t have the resources or the experience to make the transformation. That is where our Consultants make the difference.

We help increase speed, quality, security, and savings by providing a complete and integrated tool chain from discovery through planning and workload migration. Automated tools for workload migration are supplemented with extensive teams of code migration specialists to modify or re-design applications as required.

Benefits of Gazon Cloud Consulting: 

  • A thorough discovery process ensures it’s the right time – and the right price. For example, if your hardware isn’t fully depreciated, those costs need consideration when calculating ROI.
  • We understand that there can be extenuating circumstances where a cloud-only environment isn’t in your best interest. Hybrid environments are common, and we can help you determine the best solution for your organization.
  • Our solid vendor relationships, knowledge and experience allow us to apply the right solutions and tools for a successful transformation to the cloud.
  • We deliver options and flexible contracts that are unavailable when a client goes direct to the provider. The market is full of options, and we can guide you to the best alternative that may not initially be the most obvious.
  • The cloud is becoming a commodity. Year after year, prices become more affordable. We offer short-term contracts with cancellation clauses, so you are not locked into a long-term contract with a high fixed price.

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