Workflow Consulting

Business Process Mapping

Business Process Mapping and Workflow Consulting focused on resolving critical process challenges.

Thorough discovery within focused areas of an organization uncover opportunities for process and functional improvements. We identify solutions that will automate business and Workflow address day-to-day needs with high ROI potential.

Outsourcing business process mapping has traditionally been underused by mid-sized and small businesses. However, internal attempts often fail because day-to-day activities take precedence. Our experienced professionals always execute and can fill this gap.

Business Process Mapping is a critical aspect of our workflow services.

Key benefits of business process mapping include:

Virtualization of Roles: Every so often, you end up in a situation where no one knows what is going on with a certain process. Who’s in charge of what? Why is the new report not ready? Why did the manufacturing line just blow up?

Problem Solving: Spotting the problem is easy – just look at what blew up. Finding the source, however, tends to be more difficult. A process map visualizes the entire process and what led to the bottleneck, making it much easier to spot what, specifically, went wrong.

Risk Management & Compliance: As well as identifying areas that are causing inefficiencies, business process mapping is a great tool for spotting potential risks caused by processes that leave the company open to legal or health and safety issues.

Establishing Best Practices: Once business process mapping has been introduced to a company and the process has been mapped and optimized accordingly, the map can be used across the board as evidence of best practice and an exemplar for the rest of the business processes. This brings some uniformity to the way processes work within the organization.

Showing the Big Picture: In any business larger than “a handful of staff”, it is inevitable that a silo mentality will develop over time, and that staff will lose sight of the big picture of what the business is attempting to achieve. Even when you drill down to just one process involved in the organization, business process mapping can help everyone understand the big picture and get re-engaged with the company vision and the steps required to achieve it.

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